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Our premium audience has a higher than average disposable income with 88% agreeing with the statement ‘Cooking is something I enjoy doing’. A similar percentage also agree with the statement ‘I am prepared to spend money and time trying new recipes’.

Creative solutions

Great British Chefs activates campaigns across its channels which can include unique levers from exclusively commissioned, ingredient-led recipes and product placement within video content and apps to editorially driven features, blogger outreach programmes and experiential chef-led events.

Desktop, tablet, mobile

As part of our recent redesign, we have become fully responsive so we’re now able deliver our brand partner messages in a perfect and uncluttered environment across all devices to ensure their message is communicated clearly and with significant impact.

Our Numbers

As the fastest growing food website in the UK [Source:Experian/Hitwise], Great British Chefs attracts over 1,100,000 visits each month and also has a highly engaged social media following of 1.3m across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.


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Case Studies

Great Italian Chefs

Great Italian Chefs is our new brand that showcases the finest chefs across Italy and hundreds of their recipes.

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